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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are KĀGAAY Events?

    KĀGAAY Events are designed to empower our customers to purchase their dream properties at “right” price. We thrive to make the properties at least 30% discounted values from their respective current market prices ----- upto 35% for Flash sales, upto 20% to 25% for Draw, eAuction --- discounted price as per owners discretion
  • What are the different types of Events hosted by KĀGAAY ?

    1. Draw of Lots

      Draw of Lots are of two types Mega Draw and SAAS Draw

      • Mega Draws

        The traditional draw of lots, blended with care, for the realty industry. Multiple realtors participate in this draw and our users get benefits to choose their property from many options.

      • SAAS Draws

        These are the Draw of Lots by individual realtors on KĀGAAY platform.

    2. Flash Sales

      The advantage of high volume sales tailor-made for high value assets like the residential flats, commercial offices, land and buildings.

    3. eAuction

      Placed under the hammer for easier and faster liquidation for the realtors, individual owners and bankers as well as price-savvy, authenticity-conscious realty investor or buyer

  • How can I save money on property purchase?

    KĀGAAY has various ways and means for their customer to save big amounts on their property purchases. You should download the KĀGAAY app from Play store or App store and register for free so that you are updated about upcoming events. Properties in KĀGAAY Events are at minimum 30% discounted rates (at various percentages of discount) than respective current market price of the property.
  • From where can I download KĀGAAY App ?

    If you are an Android user. Please click here from your mobile phone

    If you are an iOS user, please click here from your mobile phone.

    OR you can visit respective stores and search for KĀGAAY

  • Is my Data secured in KĀGAAY App?

    At KĀGAAY we respect your privacy. We urge you to go through our privacy policy which we swear by to protect our customer’s data. Most importantly, we don't save any of your critical data like bank details or credit card details etc. That data is directly dealt by the 3rd party payment gateway providers which are recognized and are highly secured. Your personal information is nothing different than what is available on the internet. Still all the data which is with KĀGAAY is kept completely confidential and we do not share the data with anyone else.
  • Can I take part in more than one KĀGAAY Event ?

    Yes, once you download the KĀGAAY app and register for free with the App, you get access to all the events that are happening on KĀGAAY Platform.
  • How do I make sure that the properties listed on KĀGAAY Platform are genuine?

    KĀGAAY as a platform is a facilitator to provide your best possible rates for the properties. We provide you all the possible information about the projects which are listed on KĀGAAY. All the projects on KĀGAAY are approved by appropriate authorities and they are registered with RERA. Any further confirmation or verification about the properties should be conducted by user on their own.
  • Once I make the payment on KĀGAAY App for a property, can I cancel the booking?

    We request you to kindly go through our Refund Cancellation Policy available on this website to understand the terms of refunds and cancellation.
  • I am a realtor. How can I take benefit of the KĀGAAY Platform?

    There are different membership programs for realtors to take benefit of KĀGAAY platform. The charges and facilities change as per the membership types. We request you to visit Realtor sign up section or get in touch with us.
  • How many events does KĀGAAY conduct in a year?

    KĀGAAY is SAAS platform. While we conduct between 8 to 10 different types of events in a year, our realtor members may contain their own events throughout the year. We keep notifying all our users anytime an event is declared.
  • What are the different payment modes supported in KĀGAAY?

    We support variety of payment modes like Credit Cards, Debit cards, UPI, Net banking etc. Based on the transaction amounts, few options may be disabled as per RBI or Governing authorities’ guidelines.

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