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Kāgaay for buyers

Buying a property is still a dream of many, but with Kagaay, it’s time to make all those dreams come true. Now one can search and buy just at the comfort of digitalization. Look for the available properties and invest without any hesitation as there is no human and middlemen intervention. Transparency is offered throughout. Buyers can also participate in Flash Sales, Draw of Lots, and E-Auctions and avail their dream properties at their dream and never thought before prices.

5 Reasons why you choose KĀGAAY to buy a property

  1. Exclusive Right Price Advantage: KĀGAAY curates the right properties for you at the right price. This is an exclusive price advantage for a buyer with KĀGAAY APP because of our long-standing relationship with the community of builders.
  2. Great Properties on Sale for Limited Time Only: KĀGAAY APP offers the unique time-space advantage to buyers. This means that the property that you buy on KĀGAAY APP in a certain time frame can offer you a unique appreciation in due course of time as you get the said property in the best possible rate from the builder.
  3. Choice of Homes, Offices & Lands to buy and not limited to just Homes or Apartments: KĀGAAY APP connects people & properties, and the array of properties that get enlisted on the APP are not limited to home, flats or apartment but also include office spaces, plotted lands, farm lands, commercial buildings, large bungalow plots & homes. This gives the buyer a wide choice of properties to invest or own in the available right price & locations across the country.
  4. Mandatory preliminary due diligence for all properties enlisted: KĀGAAY believes in the welfare and safety of both the parties involved in any transaction on the App: the Realtors as well as the buyers. So, we ensure preliminary due diligence of all the realtors enlisted on the APP in the following ways:
    • RERA verification & videos validated thereof.
    • Personal recorded video statement of the project details by the realtor.
    • Preliminary due diligence of the realtor by a panel of advocates
    This not only confirms the realtor’s details but also cements the trustworthiness of the said builder with the buyer. However, KĀGAAY disclaims the responsibility of any nature with respect to the project, builder or end-user, once the confirmation amount is released to the builder post the customer’s acceptance of the transaction.
  5. Buying a property is as easy as play and yet completely transparent: KĀGAAY APP makes purchasing a property an enjoyable ride with its inbuilt gamification processes. A very large purchase decision like home-buying, blended with its set of emotional and aspirational factors, is made as easy as play through KĀGAAY ’s Bundled products such as Draw of lots, Flash Sales & E- Auctions. However, inspite of its gamification true nature, KĀGAAY is a fortified APP with all transactional & management controls in place for utmost transparency & clarity for the buyer. Please browse through our Policies, Terms & Conditions, & Privacy policies on the site for more information.

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