Kāgaay for Realtors

Gamified Sales First Engine for your Properties

Kāgaay for Realtors

Sell property online on a platform that’s more than just a discovery space. Show your properties to millions of honest and genuine buyers who are looking to invest in a real estate property, but are also looking for the right pick.

Participate in the different property selling activities designed to pull in buyers. Flash Sales, Draw of Lots, and E-Auctions are a few ways where developers can market their property and generate sales faster.

Advertise your dream properties, and let buyers know the majesty of your work they would not want to miss out on.

Go for the premium sections to avail exclusivity and top-most positions. Here you can not only create a buzz but also reach out to buyers before any other developer.

Digital Platform for Realtors

5 Reasons why a Realtor should choose Kagaay?

  1. Sales Confirmed: Kagaay is a sales first Realty platform that gives the realtor completely confirmed sales of his inventory – this is affirmed by the customer paying a minimum confirmation amount towards the said sale.
  2. Sales Life Cycle Time Reduced: The real estate industry witnesses’ longer duration of the sales life cycle, from 30 days to 180 days, and the sales at the end of the cycle are not confirmed as well. KAGAAY reduces the sales life cycle to 3 days in Flash Sales and 30 days in Draw of Lots.
  3. Completely Transparent, Credible Automation: As the platform is designed & developed keeping in mind the needs of the realtor as well as the end-user, no human intervention is practiced at all levels to enhance transparency, credibility & clear communication either way.
  4. Simple Step Process:Download the app and upload your property. Sign up for the relevant & happening gamification drive. Await your inventory being sold at a rapid pace! Selling your inventory is as simple as written here which makes Kagaay your one-step realty sales machine.
  5. Sales Focused Traffic Generation!Most of the property listing platforms in the market are about showcasing or discovery but Kagaay is a dedicated sales engine. The traffic thus generated is focused on buying the property at the right price in the given time frame. This allows the chunk of time and resources to be saved for greater results and focused outcomes, for both realtor & buyer.

KAGAAY – Magic of Reality …Unleashed

Kagaay is committed to accelerate the sales of the properties through the use of technology. Play this video to experience KAGAAY - Smart, Beautiful , Powerful .